The Two Most Common Acid Reflux Surgery

Did you know that unhealthy eating habits can cause acid re-flux? Based on scientific research, anyone, even infants and young children have a tendency to have acid re-flux

. This disorder is most common in infants and young children but in time, disappears. Acid re-flux known also as Castro-esophageal re-flux disease can definitely affect adults too.

This is a disorder that could happen anytime especially to someone who had just had a large meal with lots of acidic foods or even someone with history of acid re-flux, thus,

having recurrences of the disorder due to unhealthy eating patterns.

Unhealthy diet and an inappropriate eating schedule can cause acid re-flux. As a person consumes a heavy meal, full of acid foods,
an abnormality in the stomach can occur like bringing back the food induced to the esophagus and throat.

Acid re-flux is explainable to many because this condition can occur anytime but are most likely to occur after several heavy meals or unhealthy eating habits.

Many people with acid reflex can control their condition

by means of medical treatment and even appropriate diet. Some people with a severe condition of acid reflex should consider surgical procedures because for most people,

acid reflex surgery is the best solutions for this disorder. There are several surgical procedures that acid reflex patients can choose from. The most effective and safe acid reflex

surgeries are Laparoscopic anti-reflex surgery, also known as Laparoscopic Nissan Duplication and Intramural Endoscopic surgery that most patients encounter.

Laparoscopic Nissan Duplication, or duplication for short,

is the most common form of acid re-flux surgery. This surgery is performed by tightening the walls of the esophagus in the area next to the stomach then adding pressure

to the lower esophageal muscles. When the pressure increased between the stomach and esophagus, this medical procedure prevents the content of the stomach

to go upward inside the throat and esophagus. Another method mostly considered by other patients with acid re-flux is having the esophageal valve tightened

in order to seal the esophagus and prevent gastric acid to enter.

Intramural endoscopic acid re-flux surgery is another acid re-flux surgery that most patients prefer. This surgical procedure has the same procedure as the duplication

except that it involves a small optical, tubular instrument that is needed to be inserted in the body and at the same time, view the inner parts of the body that

needs surgical or biopsy attention thus allowing an actual biopsy or surgery to be performed. This is possible through the so called endoscope.

Intramural endoscopic acid reflex surgery is quick and has minimal risks for the patients. As such, a post-operator treatment is not required

but allows possibly fast recovery for patients as well.

Because of medical advancement and millions of modern treatments

Acid reflex can now be treated. Patients who wish to rid of acid re-flux can do so because of the options given to them through possible medications,

proper diet or surgery. Likewise, surgery is most recommended to people with chronic acid re-flux but is now available to patients with less serious conditions of acid re-flux.

Henceforth, surgical procedures have been the most common way of getting rid of acid re flux completely and permanently. In mind, patients that are considering

surgery will have quick recovery after the surgical procedures and will no longer have acid re-flux.